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Dentist ripping you off?

Dentist ripping you off?

When it’s time to get our teeth checked, most of us trust our dentist to determine the treatment plan and how much it will cost. They are the experts, aren’t they?

Co-host Erica Johnson puts dentists to the test: how does one know for sure what work needs to be done and how much it should cost? We reveal that dentists themselves can’t even agree.

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I would think, that if you need major dental work it makes sense to consult with three San Diego dental professionals, get their opinions and get the exact cost. Once you have these facts at hand, you can then check their education and professional qualifications in order to make an intelligent decision on which one to choose for your dental procedure.

Doing your homework here, prior to getting any dental procedures, can not only save you money, but perhaps more importantly, ensure that your dental procedure is done correctly.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Dental Service Organizations, known in the industry as “Dental Support Organizations”[1] or abbreviated to DSOs, are independent business support centers that contract with dental practices in the United States. They provide critical business management and support to dental practices, including non-clinical operations.

Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the recent expansion of Medicaid, the DSO model has become increasingly popular for dental practices. In certain parts of the United States, dental practices have begun to transition from a traditional practice to a DSO model in order to provide more affordable care to a larger patient population. Dentistry innovations have meant that DSOs have become a common dental care solution to many low-income families in the United States. The grouping of dental practices has allowed DSOs to minimize their costs, allowing practices to pass the saving on to patients currently without adequate dental care.


Dentist ripping you off?